Silicon hose and other tubes in different hardness and colour.


Industrial manufacturing processes are often very demanding. Corrosive substances have to be transported, operations at extreme temperatures must be carried out. To master these challenges, stable and flexible cables are required. When it comes to hoses, Keller Elastomere is your experienced partner. Whether silicone hose, Viton hose, PE hose, PTFE hose, silicone mats, EPDM hose, pneumatic hose, PFA hose or Teflon hose - we make sure everything stays tight!

Our hoses are high quality products that can be used in a wide variety of industries and tasks. Among other things, they are used in these industries:

  • foods 
  • pharma
  • medicine 
  • laboratories 
  • chemistry 
  • facilities 
  • machinery 
  • automobile 
  • equipment 
  • electronics


Each hose from our range is available in different degrees of hardness and colors.


For the chemical industry: the Viton hose

The field of chemistry in particular requires reliable and safe hoses. The Viton hose is perfectly suited for guiding acids, gasoline, oils and similarly aggressive substances even at high temperatures. Alternatively, the NBR hose is here, which is designed primarily for working with fuels.

Highly acid resistant: the Teflon hose

A firm position especially in the chemical and medical industry has the PTFE hose. This Teflon tube is characterized by resistance to acids and alkalis as well as high temperature resistance. Similar properties are offered by the FEP hose, or the PFA hose that is weldable and heat-moldable.


The all-rounder: the silicone hose

The silicone hose is generally very robust and is used for example in the pharmaceutical and food industries, but also in many other areas. Particularly suitable for outdoor use is the EPDM hose. Due to its excellent weather resistance, it is used in many places, for example in plant construction. Finally, we still carry the silicone fabric hose, which works reliable even under extreme pressure conditions.


Perfectly seal with silicone foam sheets

Our range does not end with hoses - you can also contact us if you need seals. High quality silicone plates allow a secure sealing with excellent heat resistance. You can also rely on our silicone foam boards, which are weather-resistant and water-repellent.


When you have individual projects, whether it is regarding hoses or tubes we are competent and reliable. No matter what product out of our large assortment, you can be sure that you only receive products of utmost quality that convinced us as industry experts. Contact us; we will be pleased to work with you!